Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m Leah, and my passion for entertainment manifested itself from a very young age, but probably not in the way you would think! My dad’s dream was to own a small traveling carnival business, so I grew up spending summers on the road – once barren fields crafted into my own personal playground, meeting all kinds of fascinating, new people – and I was determined to put a smile on their face. When I was old enough to make change, I began to help out, and by the age of 15 I owned my own part of the business. During the school year I doubled as an over-achiever and a daydreamer, researching every little thing I could about modeling and acting. I graduated from blowing my summer pay on candy and potato sticks to spending it on casting websites and headshots. And simultaneously I was getting myself involved in every club, sport, and activity I could possibly do – so much so, that when it came time to decide on a career path, I wanted to do it all, and honestly, I felt really lost.

Inspired by my family’s example and encouragement to chase my dreams, I (thankfully) listened to their wacky advice: Theatre. Theatre was never really in the plan (I had gotten rejected from my first school play in 2nd grade after all), but my parents saw me from the outside my whole life. A girl guided by music, fashion, and art, a girl who cried and thought about the endings of movies and tv for far too long, who got yelled at by her brothers for reciting too many commercials perfectly in sync with the actors, and who swore it was magic anytime she spent time on set. It made me think…I could live out any life I ever wanted to on set. The raw vulnerability and honesty of film and tv had a hold on me, and I realized that my life had come full circle. I wanted to evoke emotions; to tell stories that make an audience feel the electricity and intimacy I feel when I get sucked into a powerful one.

All that was left was to test the waters, so I enrolled in some fun classes in college, namely Ballet 1 and Acting 1, and altogether total indecisiveness became confidence to spend my life letting my imagination run wild. But some things never change – I took full advantage of every opportunity I could – participating in every workshop available, collaborating with professors and peers alike on-camera, on-stage, and backstage, heading club e-boards, learning new skills, and even joining the equestrian and dance teams. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Theatre – Concentration in Acting for Theatre, Tv, and Film, and minors in Dance and Psychology. I recently moved across the country to Los Angeles to realize my full potential, so here goes nothin’!

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